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911 access

GL Phone service does not support traditional 911 or E911 access to
emergency services. We offer a feature known as "911 Dialing" which
is a limited emergency calling service which differs from traditional
911or E911 emergency services calling. You should familiarize
yourself with the contents of this page and follow all necessary
requirements and directions. Failure to do so could result in 911

Our 911 dialing feature is not automatic. You must take affirmative
steps to register the address where you will use your GL Phone
in order to activate the 911 Dialing feature. You must do this for each GL Phone
number that you obtain.

When you move your GL Phone to another location, you must register your new location through our web page. If you do not register your new location, any calls you make using the 911 dialing feature may be sent to an emergency centre near your old address. When traveling with your GL Phone you should be aware that the call center that answers 911 calls will only have access to previously registered addresses by you; therefore, you must be able to provide the 911 call center with your current location.

We contract with a third party to use the address of your registered location to determine the nearest emergency response centre and then forward your call to a general number at that centre. When the centre receives your call, the operator may not have your address and/or phone number. You must therefore provide your address and phone number in order to get help. You hereby authorize us to disclose your name and address to third-party service providers, including, without limitation, call routers, call centers and public service answering points, for the purpose of dispatching emergency services personnel to your registered location.

Please be aware that GL Phone requires an internet connection at all times in order to operate. Therefore, any interruptions to your internet connection and/or power failure will result in unavailability of the service, which will include 911 dialing. Please visit our Terms of Services for complete details about 911 calling, its requirements and limitations on liability.

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