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GL equipment

>   Firewall friendly with high quality, clear sounding voice service no matter where you are!
>   Works with both dial up and high speed connection.

GL Soft Phone
A software phone that installs on your computer and works with Internet connection. Once you have completed registration of GLPhone, you will be provided with the link to download the softphone.
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Recommended for home use with high speed internet. Single line phone with lighted display, call waiting, conference calling and many other features available at no extra charge.
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Phone only

Recommended for business use with high speed internet.
Multi-line support of up to 11 lines with indicators, graphical lighted LCD to display up to 8 lines and 22 characters per line, call waiting, conferece calling and many other features available at no extra charge.
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Phone only

Recommended for home and business use with high speed internet. 3 line indicators, adjustable advanced VGA resolution camera sensor, razor-thin TFT color rotatable LCD with stunning picture quality, 5 navigation keys, 3 line indicators for independant SIP accounts, visual voice/video message indicator, hands-free speaker phone, audio/video jack for TV.
Supports video call hold/transfer/forward, 3 way conference, video phone book, mirror camera, picture-in-picture, 4xzoom, auto focus and exposure, video capture and save and screen saver.
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Phone only

Analog Terminal Adaptor supporting up to two telephones with separate numbers based on SIP standards. Unit has a PC port to share the Internet connection. Provides high quality voice connection with ability to interface with RelayProxy.
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Adaptor Only

GL496 is a next generation 2-port internet access device based on SIP standard. Built upon Grandstreams innovative and proprietary technology, GL496 features market leading superb sound quality, rich functionality, high level integration(integrated router, NAT, DHCP server and dual port FXS telephone gateway), compact design and unbeatable price and value. GL496 received the prestigious `Best of show` award at the 2004 internet telephone conference and expo.
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handy tone only

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