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frequently asked questions

What is VoIP?
VoIP, orVoice over Internet Protocol , is a method for taking analogue audio signals, like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, and turning them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.

How does GL phone work?
GL Phone service converts your phone calls into data that travels through your high-speed Internet connection.

What will it cost?
We have different packages to meet the user’s needs. Please visit our shopping pages to find out more about the different packages and our long distance rates.

Do I have to pay for incoming calls?
No. Incoming calls to subscribers are free. You would need to add GL World Number to GL member plan service to receive incoming calls.

Do you offer Money-Back Guarantee if I’m not satisfied with your service?
If you’re not satisfied with the services we offer, you can contact Customer Service with any questions or concerns you may have.

How can I pay and recharge my account?
All you need is a user name, password, and a credit card to recharge your account.

Can I carry my local phone number when I travel?
GL Phone is great for international travel, and can be used anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a Broadband Internet connection.

What features do I get?
GL Phone Basic offers various advanced features such as unified voice messaging, caller ID, call waiting, call ID block, conferencing. To get a complete list and detail about our features, visit our features and benefits page.

Would my friends and family pay long distance charges if I travel outside of my home area code?
No. When your friends and family call you while traveling, they will not be charged a long distance charge.

Do you provide 911 services?
Yes. We want you to have a safe and reliable means of communication in times of emergency. 911 services are available with GL Phone. To activate 911 Dialing, you will have to fill out a short form during the sign up process that tells us your street address. With our 911 Dialing feature we route your call to a private third party call center. The call center will verify your location by asking whether you are calling from your registered address or a different location. Depending on your response the call center will than forward your call to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

When I travel do I have access to 911?
Yes. Unlike traditional phone lines, you can use GL Phone anywhere because our service is portable to any location with Internet access. Therefore access to 911 is available anywhere in North America as long as you can provide your current location to the private party call center who will in turn contact the nearest PSAP and dispatch emergency response personnel.

Can I use GL Phone to send and receive fax?
Yes. GL Phone can be used to send and receive fax. Just make sure your fax machine is connected to the phone adaptor. Note that when you’re sending out a fax, long distance charges may apply if the outgoing fax number is not in your local calling area.

What kind of equipment do I need?
To make calls using a regular telephone you will need to purchase our Phone Adaptor to connect to your own phone or purchase one of our GLPhone handsets.

What is Broadband high speed service?
Broadband is high-speed Internet access such as through a Cable or DSL modem. It gives you a continuous connection to the Internet at speeds much faster than dial-up.

Does changing my service providers for my broadband affect my GL Phone service?
No. Changing your Broadband service company does not affect your GL phone service.

Do I need a standard telephone line in addition to GL phone?
With GL Phone all you need is a broadband Internet service such as DSL or Cable. For DSL Customers, you must keep a standard phone line with your current provider in order to maintain your internet connection. Since GL Phone is an internet based telephone system there may be temporary interruptions if no internet connection can be made due to power failures.

Can I use multiple phones with your service?
You can have multiple phone numbers with one Phone Line, or two lines per adaptor.

Why should I use GL phone rather than prepaid phone cards?
You may find GL Phone easier to use rather than a prepaid card. There is no access number to dial or PIN number to remember. We offer lower long distance rates on our GL Phone service. Besides, with GL member plan service you get unlimited Gl-to-GL calls as well as many features all included in the price.

What are the advantages of using GL Phone over similar services?
Since this is a prepaid service, there are no long term contracts to sign. You use the service when and how much you want. There is no counting minutes in a plan or worries about overage charges. As long as you recharge your account, the service is available to use.

Can I use my computer while I talk on the phone?
Yes. You can use your computer to surf the web, send and receive email, or use other applications while using your GL Phone

What will my phone number be?
You will be assigned a phone number at the location of your choice once you purchase World Numbers. This information will be given to you after you complete the sign up process. You will also receive a PIN number to use in the event you have no access to your GL Phone so you can continue to save on all your calls.

How many numbers can I have with my GL Phone?
With GL Phone, you can have as many numbers as you like and in locations of your choice. This gives you the option of having a local presence in as many locations as you choose.

Can I call a regular phone?
Yes, you will need to purchase GL minute plan. Than make calls to regular phone numbers from your GL Phone just like making calls from a regular home phone.

Can I forward my GL Phone to my cell phone or other phones?
Our Call Forward feature allows you to send incoming calls to any phone number you choose, and the cost will be calculated as if you were making a call to the forwarded number.

Can I forward my cell phone or analogue phone to my GL Phone?
Yes. Once you got a local number from us, you can forward your calls from other phones to your GL Phone number.

How does it sound? Do I lose quality when I use GL Phone service?
Do I lose quality when I use GL Phone service? GL Phone application has been created to provide you with a quality of service comparable to a regular phone line. You will receive the same sound quality as any regular phone line.

How does someone without the GL Phone service call me?
In order to receive calls to your GL Phone from a regular phone line or cell phone, you will need to purchase GL World Number service in order to get a Local number. You may choose this number from any available locations in the World, which means you are not tied to your residential local numbers any more.

Can I use dial up?
Yes, both our adaptor and phones provide superior sound and connection quality by dial up internet connection.

What if there is a power failure?
GL Phone is dependent on power being supplied to your high-speed modem, Router and Adapter. If your Internet connection fails or there is a power interruption your GL Phone service and its features, including 911, will not be available.

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