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features & benefits

This service will provide subscribers the telephone number of a caller, which appears on a display as the call is being received.Caller ID by Number
This service will provide subscribers the telephone number and name of a caller, which appears on a display as the call is being received.Caller ID by Name
This feature will keep your privacy by not displaying your phone number for all calls that you make. You can easily turn this feature on or off at any time you wish.Caller ID Block
You are in charge of choosing which calls your phone number should be blocked for.Per-call Caller ID Block
Call Waiting allows you to accept an incoming call while you are already on a phone call. Never miss a call again! Simply place your first call on hold while you are answering the second incoming call.Call Waiting
Call Transfer enables you to direct calls to any other phone number you choose. After you answer a call, you have the option to transfer the call to another phone number, (your cell phone, office phone or friend’s phone).Call Transfer
Choose to reject calls from any selected phone number(s) or categories in your phone book. Once you choose a category or individual, you can select to have the rejected call should go to your voicemail. (e.g. you can choose to reject calls from “Tara Smith” in your phone book, or choose to reject calls coming from a certain category such as “Business” in your phone book).Call Filter
GL Call Forwarding feature puts you in charge of sending all your incoming calls to a general forwarded phone number of your choice anywhere in the world. In addition, Selective Call Forwarding will allow you to forward specific callers from your phone book, to specific forwarded phone numbers other than the general forwarded number.Call Forwarding / Selective Call Forwarding
You can customize your call forwarding feature when you are not able to answer an incoming call, to be sent to another phone number anywhere in the world.Forward No Answer
Don’t want your callers to receive a busy signal, simply customize your call forwarding feature to send all incoming calls, if your line is busy, to another phone number anywhere in the world.Forward on Busy
This feature enables you to forward your calls to another phone number worldwide even if your phone is turned off.Forward Unavialable
Do Not Disturb feature provides the option to NOT to be Disturbed when necessary (e.g. if you are attending a meeting). With Selective Do Not Disturb, you may also choose to receive calls only from certain categories of phone numbers or even certain individuals. (E.g. when you are on vacation choose not to receive calls from Business categories). This feature will allow you to send those unwanted calls to your voicemail.Do Not Disturb / Selective Do Not Disturb
This feature allows you to dial any desired phone number in your phone book by simply clicking on the Click to dial button while you are logged into your GL account on your computer.Click to Dial
Redial the last number you have dialed using the redial feature.Redial Last Dialed Number
Need to call back the last person who called you? No problem. With this feature you can dial back your last received call.Redial Last Received Call
Worried you missed an important call? With this feature GL will dial the last incoming call you did not answer.Missed Call Dial Back
This feature will allow you to define speed dials by assigning a single or a double digit number to the phone numbers you call most. (E.g. you can assign number “1” for John Smith’s phone number on your phone book to dial by pressing “1”). You can simply customize and manage your speed dial numbers online.Speed Dial
This feature plays a role as your wake up call service. This feature can also be used as a task reminder.Wake up Call (Reminder)
You can reject calls from anonymous or blocked caller ID’s by using the Anonymous Call Rejection feature.Anonymous Call Rejection
Phone number also offers fax number capability. You can send and receive faxes by connecting your fax machine to the phone adaptor. (Long distance charges may apply in accordance to the GL minute plan long distance rates)Fax Line
Need more than one phone number? With GL phone, add as many additional lines as you require all on one account. (e.g. home office line, kid’s line, and more)Additional Line
Let’s say that you live in Toronto where your primary number has area code 416. Your retired parents live in Vancouver. Their area code is 604. You could get a phone number in area code 604 that rings to your 416 line. Now your parents don’t have to pay long distance charges when they call you. This service can provide enormous savings to anyone phoning you from that selected area code.Worldwide Local Numbers
This feature allows you to create extension numbers for a group of people who are often calling each other. One person can define 4 to 6 digit numbers for a group of people therefore making calling each other that much easier. Note, that Additional GL Numbers need to be purchased in order to set extension numbers for a group. This feature is great for small offices or family members who call each other all the time.Family Plan
Phone book keeps a directory of the names & telephone numbers of the people you call most.Phone Book
GL voicemail service gives you total control over your voicemail by phone, through email and online. A message light indicator will alert you that you have messages waiting. You can also choose to have the option for an email notification to be sent to you with the voice message attached as a sound file.Voicemail
GL Call History is a detailed data of outgoing, received and missed calls available to GL members. Call History will include date & time, destination number and duration of the call. Additionally, if you have registered for the "+CurrentSkinBrandText+" Minute plan we will provide you a detailed call history including charges for each individual call.Call History
Need help with something? Use this feature at anytime to list the GL Phone services and details on how to use them.Help IVR
GL provides live customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Our representatives are always available to answer any questions you may have.Customer Service Speed Dial
This feature allows user to access and manage their telephony features such as voice mail, forward, do not disturb or reject calls, phone book and much more through online access to their GL account.Web Portal
This feature allows user to access and manage their telephony features by using * commands through their phone device.Phone Portal

who can benefit?
>  pay as you talk!
>  firewall friendly
>  mobility / portability
>  world-wide service availability
>  state-of-the-art technology
>  competitive long distance rates
Anyone who has access to high-speed
or dial-up internet connection can
purchase a GLPhone or adaptor and call
other GL phone subscribers for free.
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