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GL minute plan (Requires subscription to GL member plan)
Outgoing calls from GL Phone to regular phones
North America
$50 long distance
$20 long distance
$10 long distance
$5 long distance
> Buy GL minute plan and call friends and family on their landline or mobile phones worldwide.
> If you do not have access to your GL Phone and/or internet, you are still connected. Upon subscription to GL minute plan, we will provide you with our unique GL travel card. Use one of our many access numbers and your PIN number to place calls to any part of the world at competitive long distance rates.

Don't miss options
GL member plan
GL world numbers
FREE GLPhone to GLPhone Calling
1 GL world number, over 30 features and $5 bonus GL minute plan
Unique International Local Numbers
Obtain a regular number to receive calls
from regular phones

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