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GL member plan
Unlimited free GL member to member calling
Starting at $5 per month, your
GL member plan Includes:
>  1 international number
>  1 virtual IP number
>  More than 30 features
More details

GL minute plan
Incoming calls from regular phones to GL phone
>  Buy a regular phone number where your friends can
call you
>  Get a number not local to your residential city
If you live in Toronto, get a number in Vancouver, and
your friends will call you at no cost to them
Requires subscription to GL member plan

GL world number
North America
$50 long distance
$20 long distance
$10 long distance
Outgoing calls from GL Phone to regular phones
>  Competitive long distance rates anywhere in the world
>  Long distance rates for a destination country will
remain the same regardless of your geographical
>  Can be used from 65 countries worldwide when
you don’t have access to internet and/or GL phone.
Requires subscription to GL member plan

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