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About GL Phone
what is GL phone?
GL Phone is a VoIP phone service and a revolutionary way to communicate.
It combines all the benefits of a traditional phone service with cost saving
and portability that is only possible through VoIP technology. By signing up
and installing a soft phone on your PC/Laptop you can travel with
your GL Phone service; All you need is access to the internet, high speed
or dial-up,
Alternatively if you do not have access to a computer, you can
use a GL Phone adaptor which connects between your internet and
existing touchtone telephone set.
If you would like to use GL Phone services from your computer,
you must download a Softphone after you have signed up with us.
why GL phone?
> Free calls to any GL phone member worldwide
> Great savings on long distance rates
> Great telephony features
> The option of taking your local number with you while traveling
> Virtual presence in various cities worldwide
> No bandwidth consumption while GL phone is not in use
> The freedom of staying connected at all times, even if you do not
have access to internet and/or your GL phone, through GL travel card
> Sign up and receive:
  • More than 30 features for free
  • GL World Number
  • and $5 bonus GL minute plan
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